About the course ...

As part of our online package of services Worth offered a One-year Fast Track GCSE Programme during the period of lockdown in the summer of 2020. This was specifically designed to enable students who were at the time in Year 10 (age 15+), who may have had disrupted GCSE teaching or who had been attending schools outside the UK, to complete the core GCSEs before progressing to either complete A Levels or the International Baccalaureate.

Students are given a range of choices but are prepared in the key subjects of English, Mathematics, at least one Science, Modern Languages and the Humanities. This is a rigorous academic course and results in previous years have been outstanding. Much more, though, is that the students are fully integrated into the broader life of the School, as members of a House, Tutor group, and also as participants in the huge range of co-curricular sports and activities than are on offer here at Worth. 

With the School now reopened, the course is not currently being offered but is something we are likely to offer again in the future.

Read more about the course here.