Pre-Sixth Form Programme

Preparing students for the next stage of their journey

The Sixth Form is the start of a new and very special phase of your child’s education. Whether they opt for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, A Levels or a BTEC, they are embarking on an educational programme that will prepare them effectively for university and for life. In addition to those important academic qualifications, they will develop valuable skills of self-reliance, stamina and independence.

In the summer of 2020, during the period of lockdown, Worth offered a Pre-Sixth Form Programme for pupils eager to make a flying start to their new courses in September. This service was just one of a number of opportunities we were offering during a challenging period for all students and was welcomed by a number of students going into Sixth Form.

Now that schools have reopened and Sixth Form courses have begun, this service is no longer being offered. However, it is something we may offer in the future.

The grids below provide an outline of what of Pre-Sixth Form Programme included or click on the 'Find out more' link at the bottom for the full programme.



During the second half of the Summer Term, each week pupils will follow a special programme of classes. Different subjects will run on different days, with 2 x 55 minutes lessons offered each time.


Geography on Mondays

Economics on Wednesdays

History on Thursdays

There will also be an introductory talk on the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).



The programme for pupils will be similar to that for A Levels, but with a different IB subject group each day:

Groups 1 & 2 on alternate Mondays

Group 3 on Tuesdays

Group 4 on Wednesdays

Group 5 on Thursdays

Group 6 on Fridays

There will also be introductory talks on the CAS, Extended Essay and ToK components. 



Download this information pack to find out more about the Pre-Sixth Form programme.